Rs. 83,205*


162.71 cc


15.44 bhp


50 kmpl

* Ex-Showroom price in New Delhi

Honda CB Hornet 160 R Verdict

The Honda Hornet 160 R is the Japanese manufacturer Honda’s third attempt to pull it off as a mark of a perfect package for the young. After achieving partial success with the Dazzler and the Trigger Honda has launched the Hornet 160 R not just to catch up with the Yamaha FZ-S and the Suzuki Gixxer but to blow past them. Honda has tried to combine and incorporate all the good aspects in its predecessors into this speedy machine. Honda has done justice when it comes to looks and styling. The sharp creases on the bike and the use of good quality paint enhance the overall look of the bike. There is a sporty digital speedometer which shows all necessary information for the driver. This bike is indeed a fusion of power style and handling which allure’s the rider on asphalt.


  • Macho looks – Stylish and aerodynamic body with good quality paint and body composition
  • Engine packed with power and a 5-speed gearbox
  • Honda Eco-technology which produces a mileage of 59 kmpl
  • Amazing after sales service (feels brand new after servicing)


  • It is a commuter segment bike makes it difficult to enjoy long distance travels
  • Lacks faster response of throttle with low surge of power making it difficult to overtake
  • Suspension on the rear is not as strong as the front .hence the rider can strongly feel impacts and jerks
  • Because of fat tyres turning on sharp turns becomes a nightmare

Features that make the Honda CB Hornet 160 R different from others

  • The Honda CB Hornet 160 R is equipped with a Combi Brake System which offers better stability and safe braking in short distances.
  • The Mono suspension in the Hornet is a very smart feature in terms of comfort as it reduces the jerks till an extent and adjusts to hard or soft depending on the road
  • The x shaped led headlamps provides a greater radius of visibility in low beam and high beam
  • The Honda Hornet has one of the biggest fuel tanks with a range of at least 300 km at one go

How it looks

The Honda CB Hornet 160 R looks like a giant beast ready to face every challenge on road. The beasty look comes with the fat skirts, tyres and especially the mighty fuel tank in the front. Honda has improvised a lot on design and aesthetical aspects by introducing LED headlights and taillights with are shaped in a trapezoid fashion. The number of legs supports for the passenger and rider have been increased compared to predecessors. The seat length and width have been increased to avoid discomfort, especially for longer distances. Overall the plastic fibers and use of heavy metal have been intelligently distributed to balance weight and make the Honda Hornet look better than ever.

Honda CB Hornet 160R Colors

Hornet is available in 4 fabulous color options satisfying individual interests.

Honda CB Hornet 160R Performance

The Honda Hornet is powered by a 162.71cc air – cooled engine which develops 14.76 NM torque. It comes with a 5-speed manual gearbox which does the job very well. Being 140 kgs the power to weight ratio is applicable and proportionate.  One can easily expect a mileage of 37-42 kmpl which is decent enough for a 150 cc plus segment.

Honda CB Hornet 160R Riding and Handling

Honda’s bikes are known for their extraordinary engine performance which affects performance positively. The Hornet is not as much of a balance between performance safety and comfort. It passes the performance and safety mark but fails to deliver when it comes to comfort. Good performance and fast pick up generate a peppy feel into the rider. The safety features like the ABS system and digital system warnings are a bliss but a heightened backseat and lack of soft seats is a compromise. The engine is extremely responsive and refined with a pickup of 0-60 in less than 10 secs.

Honda CB Hornet Mileage

Hornet has a mileage of 50 kmpl

Hornet Video Review

Honda CB Hornet 160R Price in Other Cities

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Honda CB Hornet 160R Variant explained

Buyers of the 150 cc segment usually look out for a good engine as it is more than just a necessity and moreover a vehicle just for commuting. The Honda Hornet’s shape and the feel with massive engine power make it popular amongst the youth. A good mileage and a cheap maintenance make the CB Hornet 160R’s experience delightful. The CBR starts at 80,000 and stretches up to 86,000 INR. GST had a minimal impact on the pricing of and a deviation of 700 less from the actual MRP has been implemented.

The CB Hornet 160 R is available in three variants which are the Standard, The special edition STD, CBS and special edition CBS which has not been made available yet due to a few test clearance issues. The Honda CB Hornet 160R is available in 5 different colours: Orange, Red, Black, Blue and White. Amongst these, the Orange and Red are mostly seen on road as they are unique colours and only available in Honda in the 150 cc segment.

The Standard variant, Special Edition STD and CBS have the same engine and the same transmission the difference lies in minimalistic features and components. The only important difference is that the Special Edition STD has ABS, unlike the Standard. On the other hand, the CBS has an additional passenger footrest and x shaped LED’s which aren’t offered in the standard.

Hornet 160R Competitors

The Yamaha FZ-S and the Suzuki Gixxer are some of the preliminary competitors of the Honda CB Hornet 160R. Despite the Honda CB Hornet 160R being the youngest entrant the Yamaha FZ-S, without doubt, manages to give out a better ride quality with improvised engine technology and comfort by keeping the optimum height of the seat so that short as well as tall height individuals can rest their leg on the footrest and travel continently. On the other hand, the Suzuki Gixxer has a weaker 155cc engine compared to Yamaha and Honda which generates less amount of torque. But on the other hand, the Gixxer makes the best practical fit for the Indian roads because of its narrow length and lightweight. Finally, the Suzuki has fewer customer touch points in the two-wheeler segment and Honda’s continuous upgrades like the Hornet line has been steadily growing and improving on newer features and innovations to make better bikes.